Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friend Finder

Join FriendFinder - Find Your Special Someone!

What is FriendFinder?

Online dating is a huge industry and FriendFinder has been headlining this trend for quite sometimes now. It is the largest dating site that has over 1,875,424 registered members. It offers a network of 16 top brands and award-winning content while its success-rate is parallel to the highest rated dating services.
FriendFinder facilitates those who are on a lookout for love, romance and even marriage. They offer different types of dating programs out of which their Adult Friend Finder program is quite popular. Promoting these programs can earn great revenue for your website. This is the reason why many affiliates and sub-affiliates choose this affiliate program in order to earn money online.

FriendFinder Affiliate Program:

FriendFinder is a legit and highly recommended affiliate network that offers good commissions and great services to its affiliates. You can sign up for the free version, but paid version is more profitable in the end. The basic rule is simple, refer them a member and you will earn commission. Cookies span is 30 days while payment is done twice a month. Here, you have many options available both in terms of commission structure and payment structure.

Commission Structure:

The base commission for FriendFinder Affiliate Program ranges from 20-100% ($1-100). It is a 2 Tier affiliate program where second tier commission is about 10% of a sale. You can opt from three different commission structures. First is $1 per member sign up that works wonders because of the free sign up facility. Second commission option is based on percentage system, at 100% of the initial order. The third option rules out free sign up commissions but pays you $30 on per member order. This means that every time a member place an order with FriendFinder, you will earn $30 of that sale. Payment Process: The foolproof and hassle-free payment process of FriendFinder makes it ranked among the top-notch affiliate programs of today. It starts with a low minimum of $50 every two weeks. They have a global check system that facilitates the affiliates to receive referral fees from all the sites of FriendFinder network in one check. Payment process is smooth and their efficient customer support department always helps you in finding quick solutions to any problem regarding commissions or service.

Pros and Cons:

The affiliates at friendfinder.com highlight the following pros and cons of this network:

* Good commissions for both 1 tier and 2 tier affiliates.
* Variety of commissions and payment plans.
* Cookies lifespan of up to one month.
* Excellent opportunity to co-brand your site.
* A good variety of creative marketing methods including video ads.
* Superbly designed tracking and analysis software.
* Easy-to-use service and helpful support team.
* Special offers for high performance affiliates. The company regularly announces new bonuses and packages for its affiliates.
* Trusted and professional network where you can learn the tricks of the trade and establish your niche market in no time.

Perhaps the only Con of this affiliate program is that it is a very competitive segment and you have to work very hard in order to keep pace with competitors. This program is not suitable for laidback affiliates, so you really have to pull up your sleeves and always think of new methods and strategies of marketing.


FriendFinder is a highly profitable, convenient and rewarding affiliate program. All it requires is your time and work, and it pays back you better commissions as compared to other programs in the dating space. Go for this one and discover new ways of earning money online!

Join FriendFinder - Find Your Special Someone!

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