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You-cubez is a funny way to promote and get earnings over the internet.

The idea is the following: after singing up you have a cube that you can promote adding funds to it.
You can get funds by clicking other cubes, by logins, by getting other referrals and subscribing offers that make you earn a lot.

So you can get the money to your paypal account or just add money to the cube, in order to make it more visibile and more clicked by other users.
You can also buy and sell cubes, in order to get more visibility or earnings.

You can freely join You-Cubez and purchase a premium account for 10 pounds (10 dollars) and You-cubez provides earning for all countries either USA or Europe.

Okey, i'll try to explain the basic off you-cubez :

It is basically a place to advertise your site or your blog or promote a PTC or whatever you want.

The form of advertising is very original. Purchase a bucket, add the site URL you want to advertise and once approved the cube is put into the list of cubes that have already seen.

The conditions are simple and logical to add your site: No Porn, Virus, Do not Break the Frame and it has to be in English or their content is primarily English. From there it is waiting for someone to click on your cube, later you explain more about the clicks.
Once registered we sign in you-cubez and see that the homepage is divided into two parts, "the area of cubes" and "the area of information and shortcuts to other menus".

First Block:

Sort buckets.- The first block can sort the cubes by Value (highest to lowest), or sort by the most recent (newest) or if they are "Cash Cubes" or the last to be moved.

Value (default).- You can sort the cubes by ranking, from No. 1 to the last.

Newest.- You can see all the new bins and order is the newest to oldest.

Cash Cubes.- Here you will see the "Cash Cubes" first to reach the TOP Cube is the first in the ranking and then order up to the last.

Last Moved.- This is new and what I see is just the latest bins that have been moved, and personally, do not see any usefulness.

Information :

Top Cube is the cube that is in the first place.

New Cube. The bucket labeled "New" for 4 days.

Cube for sale. The label "FOR SALE" is optional and costs 1£.

Gradient Cube. This cube is 1£ more expensive than the normal cube.

Cash Cube. This cube is where we click to earn money.

Second and Third Block:

This block is only informative, as the third block. In the second section tells you how much you click cubes Standard today and in the third block indicates how many "Cash Cubes" are available.

You see that in the two blocks appeared "Enter Verification" and once we verify that it appears "VERIFIED". Later understand this better.

Fourth Block:

Buckets. This is where all the cubes are exposed. Clicking on one takes you to a page that announces. Moving the cursor over them to see the cube data. Name, ID of the bucket, Value, Position, old days, if a cube or a Standard "Cash Cubes", if the cube is on sale and its price.

In the area of information and shortcuts to other menus (right side) you will see that in the upper right is the access to your account (My Account). Further down, below the logo of You-Cubez really the most accessible and most important is the home that you will return to the area where the buckets are in your account.

See below "Live Today" and you'll see real-time movements of the users to register, buy a bucket, enter your pounds cubes, if made Premium, etc. All the time.

We turn to our account and for that you must click on "My Account". Once inside our mind is where the most important and somewhat complicated to understand but after reading this book I hope you understand as well as I do.

My Account.-

At first we will realize that You-Cubez right is always the same, just change the left. We have the menu to the left of the whole and in the center of our account information.

This area, which are divided into 3, the top, the right of all and the plant.


It will only account information. The typical "You're a Standard Member" and the tempting "Upgrade".

You’ll see that your balance, the "Add Found" and the amount you have. The balance serves only to spend it within You-Cubez and with it you can buy referrals, cubes or add pounds to your cube. There are three ways to add money to your balance: Through "Add Found" from your "Earning Balance" and completing offers.

Beside the stock really "Earning Balance" and the amount is you can withdraw your PayPal account or AlertPay.

Left hand.-

aquí es donde ya nos introducimos de verdad en You-Cubez. Explicare cada menú uno a uno para que lo entiendas lo mejor posible.

This is where we introduce you to real You-Cubez. Explain each one to a menu that you understand your best.
• My Cubez : This is the area where managing your cube (if you have them). This is where you can design your cube. Putting colors, add url, clicks to buy, sell the cube, see the offers they have made to our cubes, etc.. The cube can design the color you want. There are two types of buckets, the Original and costs £ 1 and the "Gradient" £ 2, the only thing that changes is that you can make better designs with the "Gradient". Keep in mind that once you add the URL of your site may be changed only paying £ 0.50.

You can also view your history of clicks purchased. You can manage the cubes are selling or looking at the history of cubes sold. And see the offers made by one of your buckets.

My Banners : This zone is only to put banners you want to advertise. But of course you have to buy prints.

• My Messages : To send messages to your referrals and your concerns.

My Info : You can modify your personal data in this paragraph.

• My Setting : 4 options really only in reference to your mail to receive alerts. Not that kind of "tools" are those that are here but one expects otherwise. This paragraph could be included elsewhere.

• My Creatives : It is surprising to see the name that really what we see in this area are banners with which you can get referrals. I rather call it "creative Admin.

• My Deposite : It is only to see the history of your deposits and deposits to the balance that you have bestowed upon signing up for offers of You-Cubez.

My Transaction : The history of the movement of purchases of clicks you've purchased the memberships, referrals, etc..

My Games : A variety of flash type games where you win Pounds for your cube. Every 40 games you do you get if you are a Standard 1£ for every 20 games and give you 1£ if you are Premium. Also, if you are a Premium pounds or more can earn a free bucket if you're in one of the best games. There is no limit to play a day.

My Visitors : This is to promote pure and hard. Promoting your referral link for your lives pounds cube. For Standard visits are 50 = 1£ and 30 visits for Premium = 1£. As time apart to seek referrals for your lives pounds cube. Needless to say, a single visit is valid for 24 hours each IP.

My Logins : We consider a single logon every 24 hours and give you another one for each referral you sign. If you have 10 referrals and 10 log on the same day would have 10 more logins 1 yours, and every day. 30 logins for every £ 1 you give to your hub if you are also standard, and £ 1 for every 15 logins if you are Premium.

My Invites : There is a form fill out and send the mail by making your friends or acquaintances. You can send invitations only 1500 in total. The rules are clear, do not send the same to you or people you do not know. Here are Standard for 15 invitations = £ 1 and £ 1 = Premium 8.

My Clicks : Every 24 hours you can click on if you are 20 blocks and 100 Standard cubes if you are Premium. Was reset at 00:00 GMT.

You can choose which hubs you want to view minus "Cash Cubes". You must see the site for 5 seconds and click where you indicate what you used. 100 clicks Standard to give £ 1 each and 50 clicks to give Premium £ 1.

• My Members : It is the place for you to see your referrals and their statistics. In addition, for every referral that you get if you give £ 1 Standard and £ 2 if you are Premium. It's that simple.

My Offers : In this section we will see the different offers they have and that will change or addition. You register via the link to see and depending on which you sign up you will receive "Cube Funds", cash, a bucket or free referrals. But the cash is only for your A/C Balance and hence can not be drawn except to buy referrals, Premium membership or a cube.

My Paid Clicks : We show the history of your click and your referrals in the "Cash Cubes" and see a box where you can see how to pay the "Cash Cubes". Also see the total of your winnings.

• My Earnings : This is the control panel from which we can make withdrawals from our profits. Also the entire history of what you've won. Furthermore, you understand what you’re referring to You-Cubez a 10% commission if the referral is level 1 and a 5% commission if the referral is level 2.

Before I proceed to explain that all the pounds gained in the above are "Cube Funds" (Funds for the Cube). They are not real money. If they are real gains in the clicks "Cash Cubes".

Result :

This is what i do to earn money on You Cubez. You can do the the traditional PTC thing and get referrals but i find it faster to earn and with much less effort if you trade cubes.

Basically you have to click cash cubes to earn money. You can click standard cubes or play games to earn cube funds too but that isnt a must. With that money you go buy a cube. Now here tell you beforehand that a cube NEVER sells for more than its value. Either equal or less. As a random example if ur cube is worth £1 it'll go for £0.5 or something. THIS very factor plays into our hands!

When u want to sell a cube u obviously have to put up a price for it. But people are allowed to send u bargain offers to see if u'll sell for less. Some people wait to get the exact price while others wana sell quick and will for a cut price. Such as Premium member! Its just insanely easy to make money for a premium member (96 cash cubes per day, 100 standard cubes, £1 per 50 standard cube, free cubes from games) so they want to sell cubes faster rather than wait for someone to pay the exact price. So for example you can get a £2 for £0.5. Now advertisers looking to buy a cube dont want to bargain because it may take time (specially if the owner is offline) so they just browse through the list and look for a good set price. Therefore u can set ur cube up for sale for £1 and wait for an advertiser to come along and buy it! You can make a bigger profit by using ur cube funds to increase the value of your cube.

Keep in mind that you WILL have to wait a while to have ur bargain accepted by a cube owner and also for someone to buy ur cube if u want to make such profit. If you dont want to wait then u can buy for a swt price, use cube funds to increase the cube's value and sell for higher!

Finally if uv earned £4.00 i strictly recommend upgrading to premium! increases your income a LOT! Below are just SOME of the advantages that Premiums have over Standards (the number on the left of the '/ ' is for Premium and the other for Standard):

Logging in daily - Every 15/30 logins = £1.00 (only one login is counted per day but ref logins are also included)
Playing games - Every 20/40 games played = £1.00
Referring new members - Every new member referred = £2.00/£1.00
Inviting friends - Every 8/15 invites sent = £1.00
Clicking standard cubes - Every 50/100 standard cubes clicked = £1.00
Visitors referred - Every 30/50 clicks on your referral link = £1.00

try it >>>


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