Monday, November 9, 2009

  • Your "Balance" is updated regularly on the front page of the BeRuby site.
  • The best part is that you are simply receiving cash back from activities you would normally already do on the Web: shopping for presents, searching the Web, buying your next travel tickets, etc. Just remember you only earn cash back from sites with a Ruby next to them
  • You receive 16.6% (or one sixth) of the cash back from each and every person in your network (up to two degrees away from you), for the entirety of the time they are using BeRuby, paid out over your lifetime. Then you can decide how to use your earnings, whether immediately, or by saving them up over time to pay for something special. In addition, your network helps you generate money for a designated BeRuby non-profit.
  • On your direct commissions from the sites with rubies, you receive 33% (or one third) of the cash back generated. Another 33% (or one third) of the cash back generated goes to one of the non-profits working with BeRuby.
  • Your privacy is important
  • Welcome bonus $ 1
  • Minimum pay out $ 10 via Paypal
  • Join with my network >>>>>>> is a personalized portal where you can make money for your activity on the web.

Seems like everyone makes money from you on the web these days. It's time to turn the tables, and earn some of that cash back. makes it easy, without any scary toolbars or other downloadable software to track you around the internet. Just use BeRuby as your personalized start page, click on the websites with a Ruby symbol next to them, and watch your earnings increase.

BeRuby provides links to many of the most popular sites on the web. You can personalize your page to feature your favorite links by clicking on the + sign at the bottom of each module. BeRuby will remember your preferences and you can change them whenever you like. Can't find the site you want to add? Use the search box to find the site, and if it is not in our directory, follow the directions from the search page to add the site directly, yourself. pays you cash back for your activity on the web. has commission agreements with all the sites that display a Ruby symbol and gives one third of these commissions back to you (through shopping, registering or sometime just visiting the site). The amount of commission that the user receives will vary by site and will often depend on how much is purchased from the merchant. The more rubies that are displayed next to the store, the bigger the potential commission. For specifics, go to the commissions page, and click on the icons under the Visit, Register or Shop column to find out how to earn your cash back on that site. pays you commission for the activity of your network and friends

BeRuby pays you cash back from your own activity ("direct") and also from the activity of the friends and contacts that you refer (your "network"). When someone you invite joins BeRuby, you will receive 16.6% (or one sixth) of all the revenues generated by that person for life and another one sixth from all the people that they invite. The BeRuby network marketing effect lets you exponentially grow your earnings! For example, if you invite 10 people and they each invite 10 more you will earn lifetime commissions from 100 people!

How much Money can I earn from ?

The amount of cash back that you earn from BeRuby is determined by how much you use the BeRuby service and the size of your BeRuby network. Every time someone that you invited joins BeRuby you get one sixth of the earnings that they generate, for life, and you get another sixth of the commission for each person they invite. The larger your network the more you can earn, both directly and indirectly. keeps you updated on the revenues you have earned provides you with information on all the revenue that you have earned both directly and through your network. This information is updated regularly, although it is based on the information that is supplied to us by the different merchants, so there will be a delay between when you shop at a site and when your balance is updated.

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